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Dünya İşleri

Dünya işleri PR Agency established in 2008 by Çiğdem Özcan. After greaduted from Marmara University Communication Department she completed master degree in marketing communication at Galatasaray University. She worked as a journal...

We do

Project Development

Visual Media


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Brand Consultancy

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Concept Creation


Dünya Isleri Agency is one of the agencies I enjoy working with. As there are many meetings for both the scientific and personal development of physicians in the health sector, making a difference in the meetings is getting harder every day. For 2 years, the World Affairs Agency has been supporting me with innovative, catchy, cost- effective and easy-to-implement projects. Thanks.

Ayşegül Sancar Bayrak


Our business is retail and brand architecture. We create places, we add grace and touch the heart, we work gracefully. We do our job well. But the subject of our projects, when we came to explain ourselves, we were standing - we were standing. With Dunya Isleri team, we have the chance to be with people who are looking the same direction with us, who think like us, who try to take us a step further, who are experts in their fields and who add their souls to their jobs and touches the heart.

Aslı Sekmen

SKM Project+

Dünya isleri has a young, dynamic and fast working team. However, what makes them striking among other companies is that they do a good communication with their customers and do tailor-made jobs rather than doing 'world jobs' as well as their names. However, if you are looking for a flexible and relevant team that develops projects tailored to your company's strategies, we recommend Dünya Isleri to you.

Melis Abacıoğlu


Dunya Isleri team is young, dynamic and ambitious. We have previously worked with PR firms as well. There were always differences between what was targeted at first and what could be done, but in Dünya Isleri differences disappeared over time, so they have a structure that can do what they say. I have always recommended and recommended the Dünya Isleri to my friends who want PR services.

Uğur Taslak


Dünya isleri; young, dynamic, ambitious, complementing each other and having a wide range of visions. Also a strong team that believes in trust and believes in their work. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get PR service without hesitation.

Perihan Budak

Budak Kozmetik

Leave the PR part of your business to them. That's what I did. You watched and read.

Çağatay Işık

Dünya Isleri brings its professional knowledge together with the society through a hot, effective and result-oriented approach. I would like to congratulate them for the works that bring people and communities together in the days when communication is very important.

Rabeno Sağman